Katy Perry assured Kristen Stewart she would never “disrespect her” after the singer was linked to Robert Pattinson.

Twilight stars Kristen and Robert split in May after failing to move on from Kristen’s infidelity last year. Following their break-up there was speculation that Robert had found love with Katy. They were spotted enjoying evenings out together and even crashed a wedding, although Katy has now insisted their relationship is entirely platonic.

“I sent [Kristen] a text message saying, ‘I know you've seen all this stuff but you know I would never disrespect you. I'm not that person. I'm just trying to be a friend to him but it is unfortunate that I do have a set of t*ts,’” she explained to the latest edition of British magazine Elle.

Katy and Robert were linked while she was on a break from John Mayer. They have been on-and-off for around a year and in an interview earlier this year Katy spoke of her profound love for the singer/songwriter. At the time they weren’t together, but they have since reconciled and Katy opened up about what drove them apart.

“He pulled away. That was a big hello for me,” she admitted.

“I realised I could lose the person I loved and I had to deal with some things, issues I think a lot of women have. You can be strong in one aspect of your life but submissive in another.”

Katy is divorced from famed Lothario Russell Brand and John also has a reputation as a ladies’ man. She’s previously queried why she is attracted to such men, but now insists it’s not something she spends much time considering.

“I'm not interested in taming anyone - I'm pretty wild myself,” she laughed.

The 28-year-old singer’s friendships have made just as many headlines as her relationships, particularly when she gets together with Rihanna. It was the Barbadian singer who organised Katy’s bachelorette party before her wedding to Russell, but over recent years things have cooled. It has been widely reported that Katy was unhappy with Rihanna’s decision to rekindle her romance with Chris Brown, who famously assaulted her.

Katy insists they are still close though and has nothing but praise for her fellow performer.

“I love her and every time I see her, I'm reminded of the light that she has,” she explained.

“There's a lot of dark in this business. I know a lot of people out there with the most detrimental entourages - they are the root of their demise. It's really unfortunate but you can't save these people. My days of celebrity saving are over!”