Midnight Oil have no current plans to reform following the resignation of Peter Garrett from Federal Parliament.

The band’s manager Gary Morris says he is relinquishing his role in the wake of speculation after reports of offers for the band to perform at festivals all of the world came flooding in upon Garrett’s current “employment situation”.

“Midnight Oil’s legacy is undeniable, we have achieved great things together, there is much to be proud of in the band’s list of achievements, we are brothers in arms and I will always be there for them,” Morris said. “However in light of recent speculation as to whether the band will reconvene now that Peter is quitting the political arena, now is the time to make my own position clear as to my future involvement with Midnight Oil.”

However, just prior to Garrett’s resignation from politics, founding member Rob Hirst confirmed to Noise11 that somewhere down the track Midnight Oil would certainly perform together again. They did perform recently for the Doc Neeson benefit in Sydney. “Suddenly there was this man with gyrating arms and his eyes lit up and he was clearly loving every minute of the 2000 people going off their heads, “Rob said. “I figure whilst Peter is making noises like that we probably will play down the track. We don’t know if it will be a benefit show. Hopefully it won’t be following some major disaster like the last two times”.

“We truly did accomplish amazing and enduring things working together and we should treasure that, now and in the future,” said lead singer Peter Garrett recently about the band.