Black Sabbath ‘13’ will deliver record first week sales for the legendary metal band with midweek sales suggesting the album could sell around 180,000 in America this week.

Black Sabbath’s last album sold 21,000 in the first week and 191,000 to date meaning ‘13’ will possibly sell in one week what the last album did in 15 years.

Music journo Ed Nimmervol pointed out in his Who Charted blog that Black Sabbath officially has the longest break between number one albums in England ever. The gap between ‘Paranoid’ and ‘13’ at number one is 42.8 years. With that Sabbath break the previous record set by Bob Dylan at 38.5 years between ‘New Morning’ and ‘Together Through Life’ in the UK.

‘13’ is selling three times more this week than Daft Punk ‘Random Access Memories’ which is likely to hold on to second place on the US chart.

It will be a big week of debuts for America with Lonely Island ‘Wack Album’, Big Tim Rush ‘24/Seven’, the Man of Steel soundtrack, Christine Michele ‘Better’, Goo Goo Dolls ‘Magnetic’ and Jimmy Eat World ‘Damage’ all set for strong debuts.

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