Psy requires a leg massage halfway through his concerts.

The South Korean singer shot to the top of the charts with YouTube sensation Gangnam Style and has now followed it up with hit single Gentleman.

Psy is known for putting on concerts that can go on for over three hours.

Part of his shows involve him DJ-ing to the audience hidden behind decks, in order to mask his massage therapists giving his legs a rub down.

"Yes, I have a man to massage my legs as the [shows] are so long. For example, like a soccer player, when they have some pain on their back. I am Psy the gentleman. I did 20 songs, for more than two hours, then I have pain in my legs but I can't take a break because they are waiting... Behind the stage there are the trainers and my acupuncturist. So I stand up for it and my upper body looks like I'm a DJ but someone injecting needles into me and massaging my legs below," Psy told BBC Radio 1.

"The worst thing is sometimes I'm not wearing anything on my legs, just panties. Do not imagine. I'm in hot water."

Psy is happy to give the audience value for money by staging such lengthy gigs as long as he can have his massage break mid show.

"The regular show is within three hours but after that the encore, it depends on my mood, but minimum is one and a half hours. I had a record some years ago that was four hours 45 minutes long, the tickets are expensive and it's a very special day for them. Once a year. I want them to have money's worth," he added.

The international star's jet-setting lifestyle means he has little time to cook for himself. As a result he is currently auditioning for a private chef in an X Factor-style competition on YouTube.

"So I have some contest right now, recently, they are three finalists right now. Yeah on YouTube a competition for my chef," he explained. "They have to impress me. I need chef like, hopefully a very beautiful female. We are living not just to eat; we need a lot of beauties."