Lady Gaga is teaching her dog to draw.

The eccentric singer is proud mom to pet pooch Fozzi, a cute, curly-haired labradoodle.

Whereas most dog owners teach their furry friends simple commands, it seems the 26-year-old has bigger plans for Fozzi.

“She’s training up her beloved Fozzi to be an artist,” a source told British newspaper The Sun.

“She’s been attaching pens to his legs and popping him on to paper.”

The unusual method seems to be working, with his pieces in high demand.

“All of her crew have been treated to a portrait by him,” the insider smiled.

Fozzi is known as Gaga’s loyal companion and often joins her on world tours.

The pampered pooch was even lucky enough to meet Donatella Versace during a trip to Italy.

The Born This Way singer isn’t the only star attached to her dog.

Kelly Osbourne – who recently fought with Gaga over body image issues – often uses Twitter to share pictures of her beloved pup Sid.

Recently she posted a snap of the black dog, with the flash lighting his eyes up in an eerie manner.

“Look how demonic my baby Sid looks! #HeIsComingToGetYou (sic),” she jokingly tweeted.

Pop princess Miley Cyrus is also a lover of dogs and was left devastated when her Yorkshire Terrier mix Lila passed away last year.

The 20-year-old took to the social networking site to share a picture of her dead pet.

“I miss u every second of every day. (sic),” she wrote.