When it comes to our musical tastes it appears that the British will always have a place in their heart for the golden oldies, voting The Beatles and Queen (71% each) as the bands that they are most proud of.

The poll of 2,000 people, conducted by home phone and broadband provider Plusnet, showed that when it comes to culture we are more proud of our music industry (64%), than our film (62%) or TV (61%) industries.

With over 90 years experience between them, The Beatles and Queen have stood the test of time beating competition from relative newcomers Adele (48%) and Oasis (32%).

Research shows that the bands’ appeal isn’t just limited to the older generations with 70% of 25-34 year-olds being proud of Queen and 68% of this age bracket being proud of The Beatles.

While six-time Grammy award winning Adele managed to break into the top three with a score of 48%, it was another well established and older band, Pink Floyd that took fourth place in the poll with 46% of people giving the band the thumbs up.

The top chart of bands and musicians Brits are most proud of is as follows:

• The Beatles (71%)
• Queen (71%)
• Adele (48%)
• Pink Floyd (46%)
• Oasis (32%)