Robbie Williams says that reuniting with Take That was a "holiday" for him and gave him the courage needed to write his ninth album.

Robbie Williams felt reuniting with Take That gave him a "holiday".

The singer recorded an album and toured with the boy band with which he found fame in the 90s between 2010 and 2011 and feels it gave him the break from his solo career he needed.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast he said: "I think I just got burnt out to be honest with you, because since I was 16 I've sort of gone - write an album, promote an album, tour an album.

"I just think at some point you've written so many songs and seen so many people from the stage and entertained them. At some point something's got to give.

"And I think my health gave in and I just needed a bit of a break. And the Take That thing was my holiday."

Robbie, 38, also spoke of his respect for former rival Gary Barlow, describing him as the "big brother" he seeks approval from.

He added: "He comes to my house. When I'm writing songs with him it's like the old brother that I'm looking for approval from, and I've kind of got it now from him and that feels great."

Speaking about returning to his solo career, he added: "I played 27 minutes by myself [on the Progress Live tour]. Seeing the reaction of the crowd gave me an awful lot of confidence to go on and do this venture."

Robbie's new single 'Candy', from ninth solo album titled 'Take the Crown', which is released next month.