The Vaccines didn't recognise one of their own songs when they heard it in a club, mistaking it for a track by The Strokes.

The Vaccines don't recognise their own songs.

The British rockers were in a club recently when they heard a track they thought was by one of their favourite groups, The Strokes, which they dismissed as not the band's best work - only to then realise it was actually one of their own singles.

Singer Justin Young admitted: "I probably shouldn't be telling you this but I was in a club in Kiev a while ago when this song came on.

"I was like, 'I know this Strokes song but it definitely isn't one of my favourites.' Turned out it was 'Post Break-Up Sex'."

The group are huge fans of The Strokes and guitarist Freddie Cowan and his brother Tom - who plays in The Horrors - even invented a fake charity in order to get money to see them perform at the Reading Festival in 2001.

Freddie explained to NME magazine: "We told elderly relatives we were collecting for a charity called 'the reading fund' but it was actually 'the Reading fund' to get us tickets."

Last year, The Vaccines performed on the same Reading and Leeds bill as their heroes and admit it was only then they realised how far their career had come.

Justin said: "It was all hypothetical up until that point but we walked on and it was just unbelievable. People weren't just singing along to the singles but to the whole album. It just felt like everyone in the crowd believed in the band. They were genuine fans. We just absorbed that energy from them and it felt amazing."