Although R.E.M. broke up last year, there’s no short supply of bonus tracks and special editions of the band’s biggest albums floating around out there. And now there’s even more, as R.E.M.’s 1987 album, Document, will get the 25th anniversary treatment on September 25 via Capitol Records/I.R.S.

As is usually the case with these deluxe reissues, there are a few different options. Fans can nab Document on 180g vinyl, in addition to the two CD set comprised of the digitally remastered album and a previously unreleased recording of a 1987 concert from R.E.M.’s Work tour. There will also be four postcards included in the set, which features new liner notes from Salon culture editor David Daley.

For the uninitiated, Document was among the Athens, Georgia’s breakthrough albums, and featured hits like “The One I Love” and “It’s The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine).” The album, R.E.M.’s fifth, was their final on an independent label (I.R.S.); for 1988′s Green, they moved to Warner Bros. and saturated the mainstream even more than they had on the outwardly political Document, which criticized Reagan’s political reign.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the 1987 music documentary Athens, GA – Inside/Out, of which R.E.M. plays a crucial role, will get a 25th anniversary re-release this fall as well. The rock doc, which also features the B-52′s, will re-release on DVD/CD soundtrack October 9th.

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