A feature film on Devo, Are We Not Men? The Devo Documentary, is closer to seeing release as the producers have successfully raised their goal amount via a Kickstarter campaign. According to the campaign webpage, the documentary is 95% shot and being edited but funds were needed to take it the rest of the way.

The campaign has raised the $25,000 goal but, as the filmmakers have said, that was a modest estimate and they could use extra money. "Please summon all Spuds in this Wiggly World to contribute so we can secure the rights, archives, and all cultural textures that surround this amazing group and their history. Duty Now."

Produced in cooperation with DEVO, this feature-length documentary has been in development for 3 years. Although the band has been notoriously secretive for nearly 4 decades, they have granted us unprecedented full-access to their personal inner-workings and daily lives while on the road, backstage, and at home. The film is now in post-production, and we need your help to meet our September 2012 goal for Sundance and other festivals.