A UK fan has got up onstage with Chris Cornell to perform the Soundgarden classic ‘Outshined’, all captured on video.

Antiquiet has discovered a couple of YouTube videos which show a fan asking to play a song with Chris Cornell, and it’s pretty heartwarming.

The fan, identified as Ben Dawson in the clip, used a lull in Chris Cornell’s Newcastle set to ask “Can I play a song with you?”. Cornell is skeptical at first and asks “What song?” When Ben replies with ‘Outshined’ he says “How confident are you that you’re not going to make us both look like assholes?” to laughter from the crowd.

Eventually the fan gets up (as another audience member yells “You lucky bastard!”) and does a fine job on the guitar.

Check out a decent video of the song below (watch out for a couple of deafening sound glitches), and underneath that an extended version of the whole exchange, including Cornell’s conclusion that the whole episode feels like it was scripted for a movie.