Sir Paul McCartney told Ronnie Wood on his Absolute Classic Rock show, that listening to Elvis Presley put a stop to his headache, saying “...the healing power of music is serious. I remember I had a mate called Ian James and I remember one day, I went back to his house and I had a headache, steaming headache, and I thought ‘Oh God’, but we put on All Shook Up by Elvis. By the time that record had ended I didn’t have a headache!”

Macca also admitted he ‘lost it,’ during a sound check with Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys before their actual duet together once, because he was so moved by teaming up with him, saying “We were doing a benefit together, yeah, and I was okay on the actual performance, I held it together, but at the sound check I lost it, because it’s very emotional, this song, I find it. I can sit and think ‘Oh my God, I’m singing it with
Brian’, it just got me. I couldn’t do it.”

The former Beatle also revealed ‘Be-Bop-A-Lula,’ by Gene Vincent, was the first record he ever bought, he talked about how John Lennon would always take off his glasses in the presence of girls despite being ‘as blind as a bat,’ and that he and John began writing songs after hearing Buddy Holly’s ‘That’ll Be the day.’