Graham Coxon has told that if he were not a musician he's be running the 200 meters in the Olympics.

Blur are lined up to close the Olympic festivities with a huge show in Hyde Park and when asked about his own Olympic ambitions Graham told us that he would have liked to run the 200meters. [7:25 on video below]

"I was pretty good at athletics when I was a teenager, if it wasn't for Dominic Critchley I would have been the fastest in my year. But he was advanced pretty much two or three years as a human being in all ways than we were. So it wasn't that fair."

When questioned on the future of Blur he remained tight-lipped but said "We're all in a good place, we're all getting on really well. And thats just great for now. It's something that we have to seriously consider and bare in mind our legacy. There is a pressure for us to do more, but we can't do it just because people want us to we have to do it because it's right."

"I love playing with them, they are my brothers really." caught up with musical luminary in his room at the Soho Hotel just prior to performing a private Philips Fidelio gig at The Oui Rooms in Oxford Circus to talk A+E, Blur and escaping fires.

Blur fans go to 4:50 on video below.

See the whole uncut interview below.