has learnt that one of the greatest bands the world has ever known are to reform.

The Smiths, widely regarded as THE seminal British band, are to throw their differences aside and return to the live stage this autumn.

The legendary songwriting partnership comprising of musical luminaries Morrissey and Marr are set to make a return after finding common ground.

It will be the first time that Manchester’s independent monoliths, who were signed to London’s Rough Trade label, have graced a stage since their acrimonious split in 1987.

Legal wranglings in the band saw other members, Andy Rourke (bass) and Mike Joyce (drums), sue with varying degrees of success.

This announcement comes after a source revealed that the 80s icons had been in talks to perform with a well-known promoter.

The decision was said to have been made after fellow Mancunians, The Stone Roses, gave in and reformed.

The Smiths had previously turned down a lucrative offer of over 76 million pounds to tour the US.

Update: Since we published this article earlier today, denial of this reformation has been rife. Time will tell.