Katy Perry’s rumoured French lover is considering locating to Los Angeles to be nearer the singer.

The 27-year-old songstress is reportedly romancing Chanel model and musician Baptiste Giabiconi. The pair’s relationship is alleged to have heated up over the past couple of weeks, with Baptiste eager to see more of the star.

“He’s considering moving to LA, at least for some time,” a representative for Baptiste told the New York Post. “He’s really focusing on his music career from France, but he’s always travelling for his modelling career.

“It’s new, they’re feeling it out, but they’re spending a lot of time together.”

Katy split from British actor Russell Brand at the end of last year after a 14-month marriage. Their divorce will be finialised this summer.

Katy and Baptiste were first spotted together leaving a Parisian Hotel earlier this month, as Katy was in the French capital to celebrate the last few remaining dates of Paris Fashion Week.

The American singer apparently looked cosy with Baptiste – who once admitted: "If I could make her divorce her husband, I'd marry her."

“They were with a group of people, but they looked very much like a couple in love. He was never more than a foot away from her and they were very flirty,” a source told British newspaper The Sun at the time.

"There was a lot of whispering, shared jokes and they were really flirting. They made a very good-looking couple."

The couple have also been seen together in Paris nightclubs this week, according to the New York Post.

Baptiste’s representative has high hopes for the burgeoning romance.

“When it comes to having a real-hot man to escort her around, you can’t go wrong with Baptiste Giabiconi,” the representative quipped.