Despite teaming with the Foo Fighters and Cypress Hill, electro star Deadmau5 “really really” doesn’t want to do mainstream collaborations.

Deadmau5 is certainly renowned for speaking his mind, and he recently supplied a strident rant on tumblr about the propensity for labels to suggest he team up with “big names”.

After admitting that the Foo Fighters, Cypress Hill and Flipside collaboration he has done are the “results of stuff I’m totally into”, he rages against the vacant lyrics of mainstream electronic-based chart music.

He writes “the last thing i want to do… is take the meanings and feelings of a piece of music and have some fucking dipshit blab about lookin sexy, poppin bottles, “droppin bass”, or ANYTHING club related. which fortunately for the world *rolls eyes* makes up for 99% of the “electronic music” fad that’s apparently considered mainstream now.”

What got him thinking about it was a singer called Chris James, who took it upon himself to supply vocals to some soundtrack music Deadmau5 was working on. And, upon listening to it, Deadmus discovered that the singer “TOTALLY and COMPLETELY got” the intent of the music.

So, Deadmau5 concludes:

“The moral of the story is here, is that this is what songwriting should be about. Music is meant to provoke feeling and thought. So if we were to go by popular music, we should all be thinking how sexy we are and we know it, or how our hands should be constantly up in the air… or maybe we should drop that bass because its too fucking heavy to lift or whatever the fucking problem with bass is these days.”

Check out the interesting rant here and Chris James’ version of the song below.