Adele reportedly wants five children with her beau.

The British songstress has been dating Simon Konecki for several months. Although the romance is relatively new, the couple are allegedly seriously considering their future together.

According to a source, the 23-year-old singer wants to have a large family with Simon.

“I want five kids with Simon,” Adele reportedly told a close friend, according to British magazine Look.

The source added that Adele and Simon, 36, have extensively talked about starting a family together.

“Every couple has The Chat at some point. Especially when you’re as serious as Si and Adele are. They’ve talked about running off to get married in Vegas before the year is out, so of course the subject of kids quickly followed,” the insider added.

“They shyly admitted to each other that they would both really like a big family.”

Simon has a daughter from his previous marriage. Adele is reportedly thrilled that her beau wants to add to his brood.

“Adele was playing it cool in front of Simon, but afterwards she was so happy and excited. She says she wants loads of mini Simons – at least five – because she’s an only child and was desperate for brothers and sisters,” the insider added.

“She can’t wait to see how they look. She was laughing and saying they’d be really hairy!”