Drake risked his life to perform at the Sundance Film Festival at the weekend.

The rapper was a few hours late for his performance at the annual event in Park City, Utah, on Saturday.

He was quick to tell crowds that a snowstorm was the cause.

“I almost lost my life six times to get to this motherf**ker,” he revealed to the crowds waiting for the late-night event.

“My flight was delayed six hours. I was on the curviest roads of my life!”

Drake continued to talk to the crowd about his ordeal during the show. At one point he asked for a lie-down and something to eat.

“I need a massage and a grilled cheese,” he exclaimed a few songs into his set.

According to the New York Post, there were people on hand to entertain the audience while they were waiting for Drake’s arrival.

Comic actor Aziz Ansari did stand-up to an impatient crowd. Cuba Gooding Jr. jumped onstage and shouted:, “Shut the f**k up! We got Aziz here. Let the motherf**ker do his sh*t!”

Aziz insisted he wasn’t “that upset”, before Cuba retorted, “Oh, now the motherf**ker’s being funny.”

The actor seemed thankful the stand-up fill-in was over.

“Thank God they paid me a lot of money,” he quipped.

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