Madonna’s twelfth studio album will be named MDNA, the pop superstar has revealed.

Speaking to British comedian Graham Norton in an interview for The Graham Norton Show, Mads revealed the name.

MDNA is Madonna’s first album as part of her 360 deal with Live Nation and Interscope. The nature of 360 deals is that the deal maker gets a slice of all of Madonna’s profits, not just from album sales. The name is a play on “MDMA” – the active ingredient in the drug ecstasy.

It will also be her first album not released through Warner Bros., who have had her on their roster since her 1982 debut.

The album has already made headlines after a Spanish man was arrested over the leak of the album’s first single, Gimme All Your Luvin’. At the time Madonna expressed her disappointment in the leaker, who was never identified.

The single, which features vocals from M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj will be released at the end of January, just in time for her Superbowl performance. The album will be released in March.