Flea did “really well” in a match against a chess world champion, as he has a secret passion for the game.

The bassist is well known for rocking out with his band The Red Hot Chili Peppers but he also enjoys more leisurely pursuits.

The 50-year-old likes to play strategic game chess in his down time while the band are touring.

The star has been steadily improving and has even been taking on some high-profile opposition.

Snow Patrol drummer Jonny Quinn witnessed a match between Flea and an unnamed master of the game in September, where the bassist showed off some impressive skills.

“We know the Chili Peppers well and when we were playing Rock In Rio with them in Brazil we watched Flea take on the world chess champion,” he told British publication The Sun.

"He did really well and the guy was playing two games of chess at once – he's a Norwegian fella. Flea did pretty good but this man was always gonna win. He held it back for a bit."

Other famous chess fans include Madonna, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Bono.

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