Hit Songs Deconstructed (www.hitsongsdeconstructed.com) released its LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It Deconstructed Report which provides the music industry with a thorough, detailed analysis of what made this song a hit.

Sexy and I Know It was the third single release from LMFAO's Sorry For Party Rocking Album and to-date has hit #1 in three Countries and placed in the top 5 on seventeen charts throughout the world.

The song is exceptionally memorable and characterized by copious amounts of repetition, engaging lyrics that make great use of action and imagery, a groove that hooks you in right from the get-go, and above all, an ultra-infectious, fun nature that brings a smile to your face and gets you moving.

Below are a few insights from the Sexy and I Know It analysis:
• Sexy and I Know It doesn't possess one "grand" payoff as most hit Pop songs do (such as a huge, soaring chorus). What it DOES provide is numerous "smaller" payoffs for the listener throughout the entire song.
• Considering that the repetitive, primary lead synth pattern occurs throughout 88% of the entire song, LMFAO came up with great ways to keep it fresh and engaging including changing-up the tonal characteristics of the synth throughout each section of the song.
• The chorus sections within Sexy and I Know It only account for 30% of the song's total composition, while most hit Pop songs have their choruses comprising on average between 45% - 55% of the total song. What most other hit Pop song's DON'T possess, however, are two distinct pre-chorus sections, which in this case combined for 38% of the song's total composition.
You can view the full detailed report at http://reports.hitsongsdeconstructed.com