Skepta's controversial video for his song 'All Over the House' created a storm when it was released as it featured two people engaging in full sex.

As tasteless as some may find it, it was probably one of the best marketing tools to launch him into the US market.

In an exclusive interview Skepta told "the video ended up on US website and had over a million views, not to mention the fact it spread like wildfire all over the world through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook."

On how he had the idea the king of UK Grime told us "what I was speaking about in the video was making love to someone, in your house, it wasn't on the street, or anything not right. So when I thought of the video, I thought OK I could just be in the video with a girl playing out like I'm really in love with her, then I thought I don't really wana do that, why don't I get two other people to do it. Then I thought why don't they just go the whole way?"

The video features Paris Rocks XXX who needed a career boost and Skepta was the man to help.

Some said it alienated his core fans, some said people shouldn't be so prudish, but Skepta received a huge backlash for what he believes wasn't wrong.

"I never tweeted it, I never put it on my Facebook, never sent out a broadcast, and then what you got was people posting it on their Twitter's and BBM's and they didn't put any warning on it. So when people came back to me saying I can't believe you, I've got 14 year old kids!, I'm like I didn't post that video, you need to take responsibility and next time put a little warning there or get some firewalls on your children's computers!"

Love it or hate it....Skepta achieved what he set out to do which was to create a frenzy around his music and as he said “There was the bad side, but loads of good things happened to me through that video, I’m going out to New York next week to work with people who would never have heard of me if it wasn’t for that video”.

Watch the whole uncut interview below: