Lady Gaga has “hung out” with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Jesus Christ “a few times”.

The flamboyant singer launched Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys department store in New York City on Monday. It’s a special boutique where people can buy Gaga-themed gifts for Christmas and has got the star thinking about the festive period.

“I still believe in Santa. He’s for sure around. Him and the Easter Bunny. I’ve hung out with them and Jesus Christ a few times,” she told WWD. “They’re just all really good friends. They all do good things for humanity.”

Gaga loves everything about Christmas. As a girl she used to spend it with her family in New York, where her mother would cook a quiche and everyone would gather to open their gifts together.

She’ll be at the family home again this year, but is currently looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday which is tomorrow.

“I’m going to have Thanksgiving with my family and A Very Gaga Thanksgiving is my Thanksgiving special on ABC,” she said.

“Sure [I’ll watch it]. My dad will be so excited. I actually directed it. It’s the first of two things I directed. I directed this as well as the video for Marry the Night, my new single… So we’ll be watching that and eating turkey and doing what all New Yorkers do, which is getting ready for every window to be filled with Christmas cheer the next day.”

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