Jay-Z is looking forward to being a “highly principled” father to his child.

Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé Knowles are currently expecting their first baby. The 41-year-old hip-hop mogul is proud of the character he has developed over the years.

He is eager to expose his child to good values.

"I'm just a different kind of guy. I'm a highly principled person," Jay-Z told People magazine Thursday night at GQ's Men of the Year party in West Hollywood.

Jay-Z is up for the challenge of fatherhood. He believes his integrity will steer him in the right direction whilst making difficult parental choices in the future.

"I come from a real place where you had to be a highly principled person so, I'm pretty confident that I'll figure [parenting] out," he explained.

When he was a small child, Jay-Z’s own father abandoned the musician and his family. That action is not an option Jay-Z would even consider in his own when he officially becomes a dad.

"It makes me a little paranoid because no matter what, I don't think any person, or any male, goes into a relationship thinking that they're going to leave or wouldn't be there," he expressed. "I think the circumstances a lot of times dictates things, right?"

In any case, Jay-Z is looking forward to spoiling his baby with wife Beyoncé’s assistance. Although golden nappies is a viable option, Jay-Z is more interested in his baby wearing more natural diaper material.

"No. [The nappies will be] leather!" he joked.

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