Gavin Rossdale says he was blackmailed into doing a Bush comeback with “two cheeseburgers” and some French fries.

The rock band recently reunited after separating in 2002. They’ve performed a series of shows and have released a new album entitled The Sea of Memories.

Gavin has explained the reasoning behind Bush’s comeback.

"The fans left me no choice. Wherever I went I was approached with Bush,” he explained in an interview with German magazine In.

“I’m standing in line at a burger house, with [my son] Kingston, and I said, 'May we have two cheeseburgers, two cokes and french fries?' And the waitress says 'Sure, if you get together with Bush again!'"

Gavin says being a rock star is all-consuming. He warned people who want to crack the music industry should never have a back-up plan.

"I’ll tell you something. If I was a teacher at a music school I would advise my students to write down their back-up plan and shred it! If you want to be successful in a creative job - especially if you want to become a rock star - you shouldn't have a back-up plan. If you have options you'll lose your edge. It's all or nothing."

Gavin has sons Kingston, five, and three-year-old Zuma with his wife Gwen Stefani. Despite their privileged lifestyle, the 46-year-old wants his sons to grow up as well-rounded people; which is why Kingston and Zuma do not attend private school.

"School is not about learning math, history and that stuff. It's more important to learn about social things, how to deal with other kids,” he said.

“Gwen and I didn't want our kids to grow up in a bubble, where they're just with privileged kids. True life happens outside this Hollywood bubble."

Gavin is currently touring in Europe, and has hinted he’s finding being away from his loved ones hard.

“hey buddy-how you doing. i miss my clan (sic),” he wrote to Joel Madden on Twitter.

The fellow musician quickly replied: “I'm good. Missing mine as well. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. 1 more gig and im home! Be safe out there :) (sic).”

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