Twinkle Twinkle Little Rockstar has just released an album of lullaby covers of Iron Maiden classics.

The label trades in eerie lullaby cover albums, from almost every genre, including Rush, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Smiths, Wilco, Nirvana, Bob Marley, and two Lady Gaga volumes.

It has just added a new metal edition (following Metallica and Motley Crue) in twelve Iron Maiden tracks.

It includes bona fide classics like ‘Run To The Hills’, ‘The Number Of The Beast’, and strangely appropriate ones like ‘Fear Of The Dark’, ‘2 Minutes To Midnight’ and ‘Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son’ (assuming you’re trying to lull your little boy to sleep).

The album Lullaby Versions Of Iron Maiden is available from iTunes and Amazon, but we can only recommend mums and dads also keep the real Maiden’s Greatest Hits around for daytime. You’re never too young for metal.