Katy Perry “likes to go wild” whenever she parties with Rihanna.

The two singers are known to be close friends, with Rihanna even organising Katy Perry’s bachelorette party ahead of her wedding to Russell Brand last year.

Katy and Rihanna were recently spotted drinking and flirting with guys at a music festival in Rio de Janeiro, which is said to be how they bond.

Russell doesn’t drink alcohol and Katy usually steers clear when they are together, but likes letting her hair down when with friends. She and Russell are very close, but she is also said to enjoy showing him what he’s missing when they are apart.

“Katy knows what a huge flirt Russell is. She does trust him but every now and then she likes to remind him that she can do the same,” a source told the British edition of Grazia magazine. “She doesn’t drink around him, but whenever she hooks up with Rihanna she likes to go wild.”

Russell has been spotted flirting with women while shooting his new movie Rock of Ages. Katy has been touring the world, meaning the two have spent time apart.

They see each other as much as possible and have laughed off rumours that their romance is in trouble.

“Katy’s been working really hard and was perfectly entitled to have a few drinks and let her hair down,” the insider said.

The couple apparently both have gaps in their schedules at the moment, as they’ve been spotted boarding a private plane together in Los Angeles. It’s thought they are jetting off on holiday together, although their destination remains unknown.

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