Amy Lee hopes Kelly Clarkson crying at one of her concerts wasn’t down to the show being “awful”.

The singer is the frontwoman of American rock band Evanescence- also comprising of Terry Balsamo, Tim McCord, Troy McLawhorn, and Will Hunt.

The group have been out of the limelight for several years, but have a new album out later this year. The self-titled record will hit stores next month, and is the group’s first offering since 2006’s The Open Door.

Amy has been doing a host of shows recently, and Kelly attended one of them. Amy was thrilled to find she’d moved the singer to tears.

“She came to one of my shows last month and we met for the first time! She was really into it. She said I made her cry, which was a huge compliment,” she explained, before it was suggested it might have been down to the show being “awful”

“I hope not!” she laughed in response. “I actually think it would be really funny.”

Amy has previously revealed she is “moved and stoked” by the reaction to the band’s comeback. The raven-haired star has revealed which emotion she was overcome with most.

“I was most moved,” she told NME magazine. “I’ve been brought to tears interacting with fans recently. It feels like they’re growing up now. It’s awesome. So moved, definitely. Well how can you not be stoked? I was stoked as well as being moved.”

Amy has generated a lot of press attention with the revelation that Evanescence are to reform. The musician has revealed her coping mechanism.

“To me, it’s loads and loads of coffee. It gives me a great perk,” she confessed.

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