Tampa’s finest Dominique Young Unique is back once again to satisfy her hungry fans with the release of her third mixtape “Stupid Pretty”. Available on digital download release from September 25th, “Stupid Pretty” is a highly anticipated super charged collection of new and soon to be Dominique Young Unique classics. It features 8 tracks that go from strength to strength, it’s a keep-it-on-repeat gem. Songs including Hype Girl” , “Life Of A Party” , "Gangster Whips" and “Stupid Pretty” are deliciously hooktastic and prove that Dominique is truly ready to dominate radio.

“Stupid Pretty” follows Dominique Young Unique’s previous mixtapes “Domination” and “Glamourous Touch“, which have been proudly downloaded over 90,000 times and gained over 300,000 Youtube views. Produced again by British producer David Alexander, and recorded in Tampa and London, “Stupid Pretty” is a transatlantic mashup of Dominique’s now signature spitfire, youthful and raw delivery and songwriting with Alexander's twisted dirty neo electro beats.

“Oh baby G, come fly with me” - Gangster Whips from Stupid Pretty Mixtape

"Stupid Pretty" continues to take fans on the Dominique Young Young experience and journey.

“I’m 19 now, and the “Stupid Pretty” mixtape shows I’ve grown as a person and an artist. It’s where I am at now. My sound has developed. I'm stronger."

Within a year of releasing her 1st mixtape Dominique Young Unique has gone from rapping in the basketball courts her Robes Park projects to performing live in front of thousands alongside the likes of N.E.R.D, Big Boi, Die Antwoord and Gucci Mane.

“Seeing people in places all over the world come to my shows that know all the lyrics to my songs...it feels good, makes me wanna write more , and that what I do. It's a dream for me”

Winning over huge audiences and new fans where ever she goes, she debuted some of the "Stupid Pretty" tracks when she hit the road hard for the Summer of 2011. NME named her one of the 10 new bands that were a must see at Glastonbury 2011. - Why? They wrote 'Tampa rapper and mixtape-queen Dominique could give Beyonce' a run for her money in terms of feistiness, and her MIA-influenced garb is not to be missed.'
Dominique Young Unique's swagger is natural, effortless and full of hunger and bite. She's snapping at the heels of her peers to get ahead, to find herself... and is on a quest to rule the airwaves. She's the new young female rapper everyone is talking about.
“I want my music to stand out and stand the test of time. So I’m now and I'm the future. “

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