Lenny Kravitz can be “very charming” or “extremely boring”.

The 47-year-old American singer is famed for his larger-than-life personality and elaborate stage performances and music videos.

Lenny insists he can be very temperamental when it comes to his character, and is unsure about how he would react in certain scenarios.

“I can either be very charming or extremely boring depending on when you catch me,” he warned in an interview with the BBC.

“Wow, how would I describe myself in a sentence? Loving and intense.”

Lenny has had a hugely successful career in the music business. The award-winning star – who has had multiple number one hits worldwide – says he loves his blessed life.

“It’s wonderful [being Lenny Kravitz]. With the ups and the downs and the ins and the outs, it’s quite a trip,” he explained.

The singer is currently promoting Black and White America, his latest musical offering. The singer-songwriter’s father was of Russian Jewish descent and his mother was of Bahamian and African-American decent.

Lenny has explained the record’s title.

“Well, I’m black and I’m white and I grew up in America,” he laughed. “I had a very rich upbringing. Not meaning money, just culturally. Just growing up between two different cultures, and having all of that at my disposal.”

Lenny incorporates a number of genres into his songs. The talented musician says opera in particular helped shape his musical journey.

“I grew up listening to classical, jazz, gospel, opera, funk. I sang opera too,” he said.

“I was very fortunate to have that experience, but I knew that I wanted to make other kinds of music. I learnt a lot though about arranging, and harmony and theory.”

Lenny has revealed his ultimate music icon. The star says the late Michael Jackson is unrivalled when it comes to his early career in particular.

“If I had to choose one musical hero I’d have to choose Michael Jackson as a child singer,” he said.