Lady Gaga has reportedly ditched her crazy costumes to get new people interested in her.

The 25-year-old singer is known for her outfits as much as her music, and recently stopped wearing her outlandish clothes in favor of more conventional dresses.

Gaga has gone for a more ladylike and elegant look for purely business reasons, Life & Style are reporting.

“Gaga wants to push further into the mainstream,” a source told the magazine. “She’s not going to walk around in Ann Taylor suits but she’s toning it down to be more appealing to the big-money fashion and beauty companies.”

The Bad Romance singer already has five Grammy Awards and realizes that is all she needs to get her career to the next level.

Gaga has been compared to Madonna in the past and it’s being claimed that she’s also following in the Material Girl’s footsteps with regard to toning down her image.

“Lady Gaga looks to Madonna for inspiration in every way. Madonna didn’t get those Vogue covers and Versace modeling contracts until she cleaned up her image a bit. Gaga is doing what Madonna did. She has one Vogue cover but she wants more,” the insider added.

The source said that in any case “the whole over-the-top costume thing has become a bit stale” and she “wants to keep her fans guessing”.

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