The Soft Bulletin (U.S. Release)It is a bad summer to be playing outdoor festivals. A couple of weeks ago, Cheap Trick narrowly escaped serious injury when the stage they were playing on in Ottawa suddenly collapsed in a high wind.

This past Sunday, the Flaming Lips were playing the Brady Block Party in Tulsa, OK when a storm came up. The crew quickly covered the equipment with tarps but that wasn't a lot of help when a stronger wind came along, blowing over the video projection screen.

Bassist Michael Ivins told Rolling Stone "We were all on stage thinking, 'What are we actually going to do here?' Then the screen started moving. There wasn't a lot of space between the screen and an eight-foot drop. I basically had to leap over one of the [screen] legs to get out of the way. It was definitely pretty crazy."

The collapse happens at about the 50 second mark of the video.

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