Jared Leto loves the smell of marijuana because it reminds him of his mother’s friends.

The American star had an unconventional upbringing. He and his brother Shannon were raised by their mother Constance and the family moved around a great deal. As well as living in different cities the trio also spent time at a hippy commune, which Jared has previously admitted they don’t talk about much because it was so odd.

It seems his unusual youth had a huge impact on the star, with Jared hinting at it when asked about his favourite smell.

“The smell of bonfires. And of marijuana. My mom's friends always smoked that,” he told the German edition of Glamour magazine.

As well as an illustrious acting career, Jared is also an accomplished musician. He and Shannon are in group 30 Seconds to Mars together, and Jared loves appearing on stage.

He knows his physical appearance is vital when it comes to performing, so puts in special effort. The 39-year-old often wears make-up to enhance his looks, but never wears it off stage.

“Not at all,” he replied, when asked if he wears cosmetics in his personal life. “I’m in a rock band. So that means I can do crazy things, that’s what it's all about, right? I don't have to go to an office, I don't have to think about a dress code. Styling for me is all about having fun.

“I totally trust the wonders of chemistry. I do make-up and hair all by myself and I don't even ask a hairdresser, it's not a big deal for me anymore. If I want to have a different hair colour, I just change it."