Ellie Goulding goes to the gym every day to stay in shape.

The British pop star – who performed at Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s wedding – trains as much as she can to keep healthy, but admits she cannot resist drinking cocktails when she goes out.

She said: “I train everyday, I go to the gym and I run, row and do weights as well … I’m pretty healthy too but I definitely do have my vices, I love alcohol, especially cocktails which I know are really sugary but you have to have a bit of the stuff you like, I drink lots of green tea and water in the day so it’s like I’m either really bad or really good.”

The 24-year-old singer recently enjoyed a vacation to Miami and although she had a fantastic time the scorching temperatures left her sunburnt.

She told HeatWorld.com: “It was so nice just to stand by a pool and just take in the sights. I've been working so hard so I had the time of my life out there. I got sunburnt though and everyone took the p**s but I‘m just like any other pale girl, I burn, I peel, then I’m white again.”

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