A couple of years ago, Ringo Starr announced that he would no longer be signing any autographs on items that were sent in the mail to him. Now, another drummer has made the same decision.

John Densmore of the Doors has taken to the forum on his site to say that he will no longer be fulfilling autograph requests that are sent to him.

My Dear Fans:

This is a hard paragraph for me to write, but necessary. It is about autographs. The last several years I have been so flooded with requests that it is interfering with my personal life, and I am going to have to stop. Fans (or opportunists from ebay) track me when I land at any airport, follow me into the bathroom, and hang around my hotel, looking for my John Henry. It is unfortunate, but I have to draw the line. I will still do the occasional autograph, and of course at any “official” signing I will oblige, but I must say no to the stacks of letters and photos that are sent to me personally, as I must retrieve my privacy. If anyone requests an autograph in the future, they should send the request to The Doors offices, and they will hold them there until we can go through them on a semi-regular basis. Anything else will not be answered. Thanks very much for understanding, jd
As was the case with Ringo, Densmore has pointed out the very active market for autographs on eBay and other sites. There was a day when an autograph was truly a keepsake for the person who sought it out. Unfortunately, greed has taken over and ruined it for the real fan.

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