Roy Harper to release 19 of his classic albums plus a new compilation album as digital downloads across mainstream, online stores for the first time.

Previously digital downloads of Roy Harpers music were only available from the artists own website ' Believe Digital will now be making them available to purchase from iTunes and all other major digital retailers for the very first time.

This new campaign will be launched on June 6th with a new compilation album entitled 'Songs of Love and Loss Volumes 1 and 2' , followed by the release of four classic Roy Harper albums every 3 months over the course of the next 12 months.

This new initiative coincides with Roy Harper's 70th birthday on June 12th and a number of events are planned to celebrate this milestone including an ITV 'Legends' TV special and a rare live show at London's Royal Festival Hall this coming autumn.

As well as having amassed a body of work that includes 14 live and 21 acclaimed studio albums Roy Harper is credited as a friend, inspiration and mentor to many of today's great artists. He has been a guest vocalist on the Pink Floyd track 'Have A Cigar' and the subject of a Led Zeppelin song 'Hats Off to Harper' and was a recent recipient of a prestigious MOJO Hero Award.

Release timeline

June 6th ' Songs of Love and Loss Vol. 1&2 compilation released.

Vol. 1
01. Black Clouds
02. Girlie
03. All You Need Is
04. Francesca
05. East Of The Sun
06. Little Lady
07. North Country
08. I'll See You Again
09. Naked Flame
10. Commune
11. Frozen Moment

Vol. 2
01. Davey
02. Another Day
03. South Africa
04. Hallucinating Light
5. Sleeping At The Wheel
06. Waiting For Godot
07. The Flycatcher
08. On Summer Day
09. Cherishing The
10. My Friend
11. One More Tomorrow
12. Forever

August 8th ' First four albums reissued ' TBC as
Flat Baroque And Berserk
Sophisticated Beggar

Autumn - date TBC Royal Festival Hall show

Nov 7th ' Second batch of 4 albums reissued
Jan 9th 2012 'Third batch of 4 albums reissued
April 9th 'Forth batch of 4 albums reissue
June 4th /July 9th ' Final batch of albums reissued alongside boxset (tbc) or final compilation.

complete reissue list
1966 - Sophisticated Beggar
1968 - Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith
1969 - Folkjokeopus
1970 - Flat Baroque and Berserk
1971 - Stormcock
1973 - Lifemask
1974 - Valentine
1975 - HQ (US title: When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease)
1977 - Bullinamingvase (US title: One of Those Days in England)
1980 - The Unknown Soldier
1982 - Born In Captivity
1985 - Whatever Happened to Jugula? (with Jimmy Page)
1990 - Once
1992 - Death or Glory?
1994 - Garden of Uranium (re-titled and now only version of 1988 Descendants of Smith)
1998 - The Dream Society
2000 - The Green Man
2005 - Beyond The Door (DVD)

Live albums
1974 - Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion

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