Kate Bush has released the first single from her upcoming album of re-recorded songs ‘Directors Cut’.

The first single from the record is a seriously messed up reworking of Bush’s 1989 track ‘Deeper Understanding’ which prophetically told the story of a lonely person finding companionship in their computer later at night.

While an official video for the song is on the way (and is said to feature appearances by Noel Fielding, Robbie Coltrane, Frances Barber and Albert “Son of Kate” Bush), you can have a listen to the song via Bush’s official YouTube channel below:

The album features eleven newly recorded songs that originally appeared on either 1989’s ‘The Sensual World’ or 1993’s ‘The Red Shoes’. The full track listing will be:

Flower of the Mountain (reworked version of ‘The Sensual World’)
Song of Solomon
Deeper Understanding
Red Shoes
This Woman’s Work
Moments of Pleasure
Never Be Mine
Top of the City
And So Is Love
Rubberband Girl

If a bunch of reworked old songs isn’t enough for you, Bush is also working on an album of new material.

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