Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance tells Absolute Radio’s Ben Jones why he'd like to collaborate with david Bowie.

BJ: If you could collaborate with any musician from history who would it be and why? We’re giving you the whole of history.

GW: I know, it’s hard, dude. David Bowie. He’s awesome.

BJ: Why David Bowie? I think I probably know why David Bowie.

GW: Right. I think because he’s a true artist, he’s completely always done what he wanted, he’s changed so much record to record, and I completely look up to him. I definitely think he’s a genius, I think nothing really ever seemed to get in the way of him making his art and that’s admirable.

BJ: He had this amazing way of having the image, but the image not detracting from what the music was doing. And actually he could have just been wearing brown trousers with a side parting and it would have been just as entertaining as what he was doing.

GW: I definitely think a lot about it, I do a lot of drawings. We talk about it though, everybody comes up with their own variations.