Chic mainman Nile Rodgers has used social networking sites to announce he is fighting cancer.

Legendary producer, songwriter and artist Nile Rodgers has taken to his blog and Twitter to announce that, since late-October, he has been battling an aggressive form of cancer.

He does not identify the type of cancer but does say that he found out on October 27, 2010 and had to make some major decisions fast. Rodgers decided to have radical surgery to try and get all of the cancer out of his body.

I told only a handful of people because I didn't want to worry anyone, especially, my family around the holidays. I did everything as usual - as best I could - until one day I couldn't. My hand had sudden muscle loss and a number of stressful events followed. I've just returned home from the hospital and want to explain my recent disappearance to everybody and share my appreciation of life, music and people.
Niles goes on to talk about his daily walks in preparation for surgery and the people he would meet.

Cancer is horrifying. It makes you think a lot. My ex-partner passed away and most people don’t realize many songs they sing along with every day he did. Maybe, I was just afraid of dying and feeling sorry for myself - cancer also makes you do that. But my sadness was real.
At this point, there are no details as far as prognosis.

Rodgers has had his hands in some of the biggest R&B hits of the last 35 years, including his work with Bernard Edwards in Chic (Le Freak, Good Times). His extensive list of records that he produced and/or wrote includes Sister Sledge's We Are Family, David Bowie's Let's Dance, Duran Duran's The Reflex and Wild Boys, Diana Ross' I'm Comin' Out and Upside Down and Madonna's Like a Virgin and Material Girl.

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