Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh has been cast in Horrid Henry: The Movie in a role that will see her star alongside Hollywood icon Anjelica Huston and British film star Richard E Grant.

Based on Novel Entertainment’s hugely successful children’s property of the same name, Horrid Henry: The Movie is the first British kids movie to be filmed in 3D. The St Trinian’s star will be making a cameo appearance playing Henry’s cousin, Prissy Polly.

Kimberley said: “I am so excited to have been asked! The Horrid Henry books are wonderful and to be playing the role of Prissy Polly in 3D is incredible!”

Horrid Henry: The Movie stars Anjelica Huston as Henry’s terrifying teacher Miss Battle-Axe, Rebecca Front as Henry’s headmistress Ms Oddbod, Richard E Grant as a rival headmaster and Parminder Nagra as Miss Lovely. Noel Fielding makes an appearance as Killer Boy Rats’ frontman Ed Banger, joining Jo Brand as the Demon Dinner Lady, Matthew Horne as Henry’s Dad and Prunella Scales as Great Aunt Greta. And introducing new young stars, Scarlett Stitt as Moody Margaret, Ross Marron as Perfect Peter and Theo Stevenson as Horrid Henry.