Nine Inch Nails have released a free EP with five tracks from the upcoming movie soundtrack, ‘The Social Network’.

The band have been hard at work on the film based around the life of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, with their efforts to be released in full on September 28.

The five tracks available are ‘Pieces From The Whole’, ‘Eventually We Find Our Way’, ‘On We March’, ‘The Gentle Hum of Anxiety’ and ‘Soft Trees Break The Fall’.

You can get the sampler and preorder the full album by heading over to THIS SITE.

While you’re there, you can order a CD, DH Blu-Ray Audio (in 5.1 Surround Sound!) or vinyl copy of the album, which will ship in October. With this preorder, you’ll be given an e-mail link to download a digital version of the album on September 28.