Today Microsoft has announced a partnership with Gorillaz, the world’s best-selling animated band, to celebrate the Beta launch of its Windows Internet Explorer 9 browser. The new browser will offer a visually richer web experience and marks a new era for how we experience the World Wide Web.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta is designed to use the power of a computer’s hardware to radically improve people’s online experiences such as shopping, browsing, surfing, gaming, watching TV or streaming music. At the same time, Internet Explorer 9 Beta reads special web design code enabling it to increase the speed, look and performance of websites by making colours, images and texture richer and deeper.

With a pioneering reputation for both online creativity and music, Gorillaz have partnered with Microsoft to develop an online experience for fans that showcases the potential of the Web when viewed through Internet Explorer 9 Beta-.

Once fans have downloaded Internet Explorer 9 Beta from they can enjoy richer graphics, top quality sound and high definition Gorillaz video.

The Gorillaz’ design team, Zombie Flesh Eaters, has taken advantage of HTML5 and the new features Internet Explorer 9 Beta provides, to create a new web experience for Gorillaz fans as showcased in Murdoc Niccals’ Club Room and across Microsoft is also featuring this web content on its specially designed microsite and

A video of Murdoc experiencing the wizardry of Internet Explorer 9 Beta is available to view at

Microsoft will officially launch Internet Explorer 9 once the testing of the Beta version has been completed to reach Internet Explorer’s quality bar; however the Beta is available with all of its brand new features so people can experience it now.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta requires Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating systems. To experience a demonstration of the features of Internet Explorer 9 Beta, even if you don’t have Windows 7 or Vista operating systems, visit and

Speaking to Damon Albarn said of the event "I'm here to support my organisation and all the people that make this happen its a big step forward we're all excited about the future potential".