The jazz musician admits his hectic touring schedule leaves him pining for domesticity with his wife, model-turned-chef Sophie Dahl.

He said: “You’re never in one place long enough to say, ‘Well, let’s hang out here for a week.’

“I really love being at home. Really, deep down, I’m a loafer. There’s nothing I like more than sitting around the house doing nothing. Sophie Does too, and she’s a brilliant cook.”

Jamie – who married Sophie in January after almost three years of dating – also revealed the couple don’t watch each other when they are on TV.

The singer – who is a judge on new UK TV talent show ‘Must Be The Music’ – added: “I think Sophie listens to my radio show when I’m not there, but we don’t watch each other’s programmes.

“It’s not like, ‘Oh God, don’t turn on the TV, we’re on’, but we don’t live our lives in any way that I imagine people think we do. We have a life that is quite outside that world.”