Hopefully Britney Spears will not be Googling herself today. If she is she might discover she is dead.

Just for the record, Britney Spears is very much alive but death scams on Google are getting way out of control.

The term ‘Britney Spear Dead’ was the most popular searched term in Google in the last few hours.

The story started after Britney is supposed to have said in an interview that she wanted her body to be frozen after she dies so if they find a cure for somewhere in the future they can bring her back. That is called cryogenics.

Britney joins an elite list of celebrities who have been bumped off by Google (or Richard Wilkins) in recent months. Russell Crowe and Justin Bieber were Googled to death. Of course, Jeff Goldblum met a much uglier fate. He was Richard Wilkinsed to death exactly one year ago this week after TVs Richard Wilkins was so eager to get the story to air that he did not check his sources.