Adam Ant, the 80s pop pin-up, caused havoc at a local charity gig peppering his short set with expletives aimed at Christians in the crowd.

Adam, 55, was booked to play a 30-minute set at the Oasis Centre, Portsmouth, Hants, near to where he had been on a two week break reports the M & Y News Agency.

The gig was in aid of starving Filipino children and kicked off with a version of 'Sympathy for the Devil' and then invited a four-year-old boy on stage to teach him the words to The Who's 'My Generation.'

Crowd frustration grew and the singer was booed off stage. As half the 300 strong crowd departed Adam screamed obscenities at them. Asking if there were any Christians in the room, to which several people put their hands up, he responded with 'f**k off.'

Eye witness Kevin Johnson, 45, who was among the 300-strong audience, said: "Adam's behaviour was totally unacceptable.

"The Oasis centre is a religious venue and most of the crowd were devout Christians. He will never be welcomed back." Organisers eventually turned off the stage lights to bring an end to the chaotic performance but after coming off stage Adam was confronted by the promoters son, who was then involved with a scuffle with two girls who were also involved in the performance.

Adam has been staying at the Lady Hamilton bed and breakfast opposite Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and has visited both HMS Warrior and HMS Victory.
He even hinted last week that he would move to the south coast one day to get away from London.

Adam said last week: "I genuinely love this place; these are my people right here. I had to get away from London with its plagues of CCTV cameras.
"Portsmouth cherishes its history and that is why I love it. Surrounded by all this history I feel like I kid in a candy shop.

"My grandfather was a real navy man, his name was Walter Albany Scott, and he made me everything I am. Without him I would have ended up on drugs or in prison."

Adam was charged with affray in October 2002 after throwing a car alternator through the window of the Prince of Wales pub in Kentish Town and intimidating staff with an imitation gun.

He was sectioned in September 2003 after a dispute with a neighbour where he threatened to smash in his patio doors with a shovel and was found lying naked in a cafe basement.