Cheryl Cole has dumped her husband by text message.

The ‘Fight for This Love’ singer sent the SMS to soccer player Ashley Cole yesterday (21.02.10) after four women came forward to say they had bedded the sportsman, and another revealed how he sent her flirty messages in a bid to have sex with her.

Cheryl fled from the UK to Los Angeles last Wednesday (17.02.10) - without wearing her wedding ring – following the accusations and has decided she has had enough of the 29-year-old England player.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Cheryl has decided enough is enough and she is going to divorce him. She has told Ashley to get out of the family home because she does not wish to see him.

"She has no desire to hear any more excuses or explanations. Grand gestures will not help either. When she left for America last week she wasn't exactly sure of her future.”

Other sources claim the pair’s marriage has been a sham for some time and Cheryl knew she had to leave her husband of almost four years.

A friend of Cheryl, 26, told the Daily Star newspaper she had told them: “I should have dumped him in December!”

The source added: “She can’t bear to be in the same room as him now. “She says he has absolutely humiliated her. There is no way back. If he hasn’t moved out by the time she gets back to Britain she will stay in the house they built for her mum in the grounds.”

Cheryl has reportedly been making divorce plans since last week, and wants to issue a statement about her split by the end of the week.

The final straw for the singer came over the weekend when it was revealed Ashley had cheated on her with US government worker Ann Corbitt, 28, when his team Chelsea were on a US tour last July.

He reportedly phoned Ann begging her not to make their night of passion public.

He is said to been sobbing to her as he said: "I can't lose my wife over this. If I lose my wife, I don't want to live."