Bob Dylan has granted the one and only interview for his `Christmas In The Heart` album to The Big Issue, the publication where all proceeds go to the unemployed.

The ‘Christmas In The Heart’ album was created by Dylan to raise money to feed the homeless on Christmas Day.

In the interview he says what he thinks of music critics. "Critics like that are on the outside looking in. They are definitely not fans or the audience that I play to. They would have no gut level understanding of me and my work, what I can and can’t do – the scope of it all. Even at this point in time they still don’t know what to make of me."

The Jewish singer explains why he has recorded Christmas songs by saying, “they were part of my life, just like folk songs”.

Between 1978 and 1981, Dylan became a born-again Christian. When asked if he believed the themes in these songs he said, “I am a true believer".

Bob has even made a video for the song ‘Must Be Santa’. It is the first time he has appeared in a music video in more than ten years. Australian Nash Edgerton, who also directed the previous Dylan video ‘Beyond Here Lies Nothing’, directed the video.