Lady Gaga spent $1,000 on pizza for fans waiting for her autograph.

The ‘Bad Romance’ singer ordered 80 cheese pizzas for people who were waiting for her autograph outside a Los Angeles store where she was scheduled to do a record signing.

She wrote on her Twitter page: "Sending all my little monsters little pizzas for waiting all night for me at Best Buy. I hope you're hungry... eat up I love u! (sic)."

As well as splashing out $1,000 on the pizzas, which were provided by fast-food chain Papa John’s, Lady Gaga is also said to have tipped “very, very well”.

The ‘LoveGame’ singer also thanked her fans for making her latest release, ‘The Fame Monster’, number one in the US iTunes charts.

She wrote on Twitter: “To all my beautiful fans, I love you more than anything. Thank u 4 making the fame monster number 1 on itunes. You are the only reward I need x gaga (sic).”

Lady Gaga’s generosity to her fans was also displayed when she released a set of bizarre gifts which she gave away with a collector’s edition of ‘The Fame Monster’, which included a lock of her blonde hair, a personal note from the songstress and a jigsaw puzzle.