Michael Jackson�s medical examination record has gone missing.

Insurers for the late pop icon's This Is It 50-date London residency were astounded when the report they received from Dr. David Slavit declared the singer to be in perfect health, joking it appeared to have been "based on the body of an astronaut".

Officials at insurers Robertson Taylor were puzzled as to why the ear, nose and throat specialist's report made no mention of the Thriller star's well-publicised health difficulties - including a severely burnt scalp, broken leg and extensive cosmetic surgery - and demanded their own tests be carried out before agreeing to insure his shows for promoters AEG Live.

An AEG spokesperson said: "AEG did not hire a doctor at any time in connection with securing insurance. Dr. David Slavit performed the medical exam which was submitted to the insurers as part of their underwriting.

"AEG has never received a copy of Dr. Slavit's medical exam. A second medical examination was scheduled in the UK when the tour arrived. The policy was issued in a fictitious name."

No-one has actually seen Dr. Slavit's original records of the medical and Robertson Jackson had wanted to do a full examination on July 11, the day after seeing the Bad hitmaker perform a planned full rehearsal at London's O2 arena, where the shows were scheduled to take place.

However, because the star died of a suspected cardiac arrest on June 25 - after the insurance deal had been agreed but before "subject details had been verified" the promoters are now in dispute with the insurers over the validity of their agreement.

The singer's medical certificate had been issued in the name M. Jones but this is said to be standard practice for celebrities to prevent any embarrassing personal health details leaking out.