Noel Gallagher has paid compliment to this year's Glastonbury line-up.

Last year, the Oasis guitarist said it was “wrong” to have Jay-Z headlining the festival, which in turn provoked a response from the rapper during his performance.

But this year, Noel said he “likes” Bruce Springsteen, “loves” Neil Young and even had some moderately kind words for Blur.

He told BBC6music: "I like Bruce. I don't know, do I like Bruce? I don't own any of his records. I like Crosby, Stills and Nash. I love Neil Young, he's playing isn't he somewhere and I love The Specials - I've just been to see The Specials."

As for former arch foes Blur, he added: "Blur are playing. That will be exciting for Blur fans. Particularly if you're a Blur fan that's come along since the how ever many years it is they've not been doing nothin', and you've almost waited a lifetime to see them - it will be quite exciting I would have thought."